Town Of Kirkland

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CLINTON, N.Y. 13323

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Supervisor - Robert J. Meelan
Deputy Supervisor - Michael D. O'Neil
Councilmembers - Michael D. O'Neil
Councilmembers - Fred Lomanto
Councilmembers - Garry Colarusso
Councilmembers - Donna Yando
Town Clerk - Donna Maxam
Receiver of Taxes - Sarah McCullough
Assessor - Nina Wallace
Superintendent of Highways - Jon Scott


Welcome to the Town of Kirkland Website Since November 2000 the Town of Kirkland has been able to share online information about our town with anyone who visits this website. This service is provided to our constituents to give you access to information about the town twenty-four hours a day. As we continue to build and update our pages and add pictures and information, we hope that you will e-mail us to comment about what is here and what else you would like to know about our town. The address is: These pages were the courtesy of Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation who originally funded this project entitled Digital Towpath and SUNYIT at Utica-Rome who provides the training and workshops. The Town of Kirkland is grateful to both organizations for giving us this opportunity. The Town of Kirkland celebrated our 175th Anniversary in 2002. April 13 was our actual anniversary date during which an open house and dedication of our new town municipal building was held. See you around Town.....

Town of Kirkland Municipal Office

Public Notice of the Intent of FEMA to Fund a Project
December 17, 2015

Public Notice of the Intent of FEMA to Fund a Project

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Project # 4031-0036



Notification is hereby given to the public of the intent of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide grant funding through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to the State of New York, who will provide funds to the Town of Kirkland, Oneida County, NY to acquire and demolish three flood-prone properties.  


The proposed undertaking is the acquisition of one property on Kirkland Avenue and two properties on State Route 5, all located within the 100-year floodplain of Oriskany Creek. The homes were substantially damaged as a result of flooding from Hurricane Irene in August 2011.  Acquisitions will be from willing sellers only. Properties will be acquired, structures demolished, and sites graded and seeded. Deed restrictions will prohibit future development and sites will be maintained in perpetuity as open space under the Town’s ownership.


Federal Executive Orders 11988, Floodplain Management, and 11990, Protection of Wetlands, require federal agencies to review proposed actions in floodplains and/or wetlands and explore practicable alternatives to avoid, minimize or mitigate potential impacts.  The alternative to acquisition/demolition would be to leave these properties vulnerable to an ongoing cycle of flooding, repairs and rebuilding. The proposed undertaking will remove structures from the floodplain and create open space to restore the beneficial values served by floodplains and wetlands.


The public is invited to provide comments about this project. Written comments may be submitted by mail to FEMA Region II, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Leo O’Brien Federal Building, 11A Clinton Square, Room 742, Albany, New York 12206-5421 or by email to   Comments should be submitted within thirty (30) days of this notice.